Vanarama Cars are one of the UK's leading van-leasing companies, but with the launch of their car leasing service, they wanted creative material to connect the passion of driving with leasing a car from their vast range of vehicles.


The approach was to understand what another driving force there was for driving a leased car, apart from the standard commute. It was decided a list of Britain’s best driving roads would excite users to not only drive a leased car to and from the office, but also expectance the car at it’s best on a dynamic road. Research started with questionnaires and visits to driving forums to find out what Britain’s highways had to offer.


Various designs where laid out for what best to present the findings. A split view of the list of the best roads on one side, and a map of Britain on the other was the best way to optimise the space. The map would switch from one road to the next when scrolling down the page. Visual assets such as "top trump" style cards helped device the text and structure the text, as well as having videos of a driver's perspective when driving on said road added more material.


With the launch new car-leasing service, the "What Are The UK's Best Roads" page went live, appearing at the top of the search engine results pages for relevant searches. This reflects the pages quality and relevance, and resulted in an increase in organic landing traffic by 10%. Quotes were also added from Sir Gary Verity - Chief Executive of Welcome to Yorkshire and Julia Hughes - Visit Cornwall.


The success of this content lead to another smaller project: Alternative Superhero Cars: What Should They Really Drive?