Taylor's Port

Campaign for video production to attract new audiences which catering the a traditional older customer base.


Following the success of 2017’s ‘Finishing Touch’ campaign, 2018’s was aimed at attracting a younger customer to Taylor’s Port - which has a more traditional older clientele. After researching ways to target one or the other, the solution was to aim at both of them in unison by bringing them together in a family setting. Footage was captured of a family scene where the product is shown as the perfect "finishing touch" to the meal.


With the footage at hand, I edited the scenes together to form a coherent narrative to set the story of how a bottle of port at the end of a meal completes it. With the extra footage recorded separate from the full advert, I edited supplementary “bumper ads” to further push the product in a continuous drive. These videos were edited for several social media platforms which supported portrait and vertical edits of the videos I made. In addition a Christmas variant of the scene was also shot, so another round of edits were made for a further drive of the product at its most fruitful time.


A successful campaign which saw a boost to Christmas sales of the product and reached a audience of over 500,000.

Edited videos can be seen below.