Old Tom

A motion graphics project for the Stockport brewery's flagship beer.


Robinsons brewery had recently rebranded their flagship beer "Old Tom" which has been a staple of thiers since 1899. They wanted to push their new branded bottles for home consumption on social media and after discussing many ideas, we agreed on a concept. Through all the renditions of design the bottles had been through, the beer was still the same. This concept would establish the theme of the videos - even as time goes on it's "still the original and the best".


With an archive of the designs of Old Tom bottles from the past, showing the changing designs of the beer labels was easy. Trying to find a way of showing the progress of time beyond switching out the bottles was tricky. With Robinsons wanting customers to buy the beer from supermarkets, I chose to have a setting of a homely sitting room, with a bottle of Old Tom on a table - surrounding the room with the same era of history that bottle was from. As time progressed, the room and bottle would change, resulting in the new branded bottle revealed at the end of the video.


The video campaign won 'Best use of YouTube on a Small Budget' at Youtube’s Works for Brands competition. You can see a video profile of the video campaign here on the awards page.

Both normal and Christmas themed variants of videos were created, the former going live in October and the latter in December 2017. The videos were seen by 321k individual users on social media and 7k video views on Youtube (with 33% engagement). Also, sales of bottles sold in supermarkets rocketed by 81% in December 2017.

I'm not saying it was because of my videos, but I'm not saying it wasn't either.

You can see the videos below.