A motion graphics project for a global exhibition in the education industry.


GESS Education offer global exhibitions and conferences on educational supplies and solutions. They requested video assets to promote their latest event in Dubai. The premise of the event was the tagline #BrightIdeas, with the intent to bring together ideas from all sides about education. In discussion on how to visualise this, the concept of children in schools offering the bright ideas of the future lead to the simple questions they ask for how things work in the world. Further evolution of this concept lead to the objects and inventions we take for granted only exist through bright ideas and evolving them.


With the concept of evolving inventions agreed, themes were planned to group inventions around science and mathematics. These themes were narrowed down to three areas where flight, technology and light. Each of these areas were broken down into a narrative of the inventions which established them in a period of history. These were then illustrated and then animated.


The videos were seen by over 4000 viewers within the first week of the campaign. This project was also a success in in new techniques in motion graphics. It was also an important project for myself, as I learnt new processes for motion graphics and basic 3D modeling.