Athleat are a high quality grass fed meat online seller. With industry expert contacts in the nutritional and fitness industries, they cater their products to customers who want a healthy diet and their bodies at peak performance. They requested materials for their social media campaign, with the goal to increase their engagement on multiple platforms.


After conducting research into their user base and discussing our options for developing creative ideas, the first step were to analyse the content their user base was already familiar with, and what they engage with. The most popular items discussed and posted by them were quotes about motivation through a fitness workout. This gave me a good opportunity to add some creative flair to otherwise dull and low quality image posts that were circulating through users.


Athleat’s showcases an “Athleat Academy”, a blogging platform for fitness tips and guides on an active lifestyle. I noticed that popular posts on their blog were recipes which included their own products. With the wish to increase traffic on their Instagram platform, a short animation was produced.


The client was very pleased with the animation, and accompanied with the social media materials and interaction with the community, the number of fans to their Facebook page have been increasing 145-277 a month, and their engagement rate is above the industry standard.